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Tooth decay is a big problem for all children and the earlier they can learn about how to look after their teeth the better. Learning about dental heath and hygiene is even more important in countries like Cambodia as in the rural villages they have no dentists or doctors nearby.

The sugar info sheet tells you the sugar content of the popular snack /drinks
Watch the teeth cleaning song video, and see St Peters teeth cleaning rap. 
Download Info Sheet  |  Download Sugar List

TTC is a great way to learn multiplication

The Challenge is for our children to learn ( or revise)  their times table and the square roots  and try to fund raise for the hostel through asking friends and family to sponsor them 50 p for each one. This  would raise funds for one square foot of the hostel which would be a wonderful gift from our children to the children of Cambodia and a great achievement for each child to know that they had fundraised for one square foot of the hostel.
Because the square roots are the  backbone of your times table and if you learn these you are well on your way to learning them all. The pdf file can be printed out and I hope together with the dvd video from Cambodia Classroom, will add further interest for the children the Khmer numbers pdf helps our children learn a different language and understand a different number system.

Download Times Table Challenge PDF  Download Khmer Version