School’s on board!

Schools are getting into Ecobricking this month, Its created a lot of interest with children from 3-16 getting  involved: At Our Lady of Mount Carmel Infants in Blackley (above)  the children are learning about  recycling and are thinking of making a bird table with their gabion mesh cube . WATCH THIS SPACE Longshaw Nursery school [...]

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Lesson from Mr Mony of Jesuit Services

VIDEO: Climate Change impacts on the poor rural villages in Cambodia like Champak Sa. The students learn about the weather changes from Mr Mony

The Life Cycle of a Plastic Bottle

Great video by Emma Bryce on NURDLES.

< YOUTUBE VIDEO> Mr Mony from Jesuit Services teaches the children of Champak Sa about Climate Change

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Joan’s presentation in Ballymoney Northern Ireland

Back in the Emerald Isle ; Joan gave a wonderful presentation at the masses at Our Lady and Saint Patrick in  Ballymoney, N. Ireland  She created a lot of interest in the wood sculptures from Banteay Prieb, and ideas for some new products will bring more work for the artisans. plus around 70 square feet for the hostel [...]

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Fair Trade Craft Fair Preston UK

Back in action 2017  first event at the Fair Trade and farmers  market in Preston. our wonderful new statue of The Divine Mercy [centre] gets its first outing. It always amazes me how well the sculptors can produce a wonderful carving from just a picture. We will have more inspirational new wood sculpture coming soon.  

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Walsingham the Dowry of Mary Pilgrimage 2016

Another wonderful Cambodia Craft fundraising event at Walsingham for the Dowry of Mary Pilgrimage on 4th September 2016.

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Paralympics at Rio .. Christ the Redeemer

September 8th 2016 Dear All, I have been working away from my desk for the past six months or so (building project) ‎ and  not had the opportunity to post …. Lots been happening though !! ... fundraising events , new products, more school resources and an updated  website... I'm  looking forward to bringing everything [...]

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Stonyhurst Food Festival

April 8th - 10th 2016 Three days of great fun at the Jesuit college of Stonyhurst in Clitheroe for the Great British food festival event. We had a non stop demonstration of a unique summer fashion accessory which entertained many people and gave us the opportunity to talk about the wonderful work done by the [...]

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Bob’s Story

It's been 10 years since I began my fundraising journey in Cambodia. Back then I was part of a church charity team and within a few years we had raised enough to build a primary school for a remote village in Cambodia. This village had not had a school for over 30 years, since the [...]

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