Lesson from Mr Mony of Jesuit Services

VIDEO: Climate Change impacts on the poor rural villages in Cambodia like Champak Sa. The students learn about the weather changes from Mr Mony

Visiting Champak Sa Village in Cambodia

This remote village is 19km away, taking us over 2 hours to travel to see the children at the primary school. When we arrive they are delighted with the Hygiene Kits and sing their version of the teeth cleaning song [See video below] The dirt track road makes the journey impossible for the school children [...]

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Visiting the Workshop in Banteay Prieb

Bob has successful meetings with the Jesuit Fathers and the Banteay Prieb production team at the Centre of the Dove, a training centre and home where the young disabled people live and work together developing their craft skills. It was wonderful to witness first-hand the creation of sculptures and meet the sculptors. I toured the [...]

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